FS: HO Cars for sale

Brian Carlson

All: Have a few more cars to sell due to back dating and Rapido. Just 3 listed below. 

Sunshine Kit 62.1 UTLX 10k X-3 $45 (Now that Rapido announced theirs this is is something that probably would never get built so if you like building, here you go.)
Red Caboose 40' ACF Box Car 6' Door 4/3/1/ ends C&S 1652 May 1957 build. Built $20
Red caboose 40' ACF Box Car 6' Door 4/3/1/ ends undec kit $15

Paypal or check, Shipping via USPS Priority Mail 
Contact me OFF LIST at prrk41361 AT yahoo DOT com. 
Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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