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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

They did it on cars that had leaks.  The lap seam roof was prone to leakage after it had been under the stresses of heavy boots, heating and cooling, etc.


When I was young, there were big strings of X29’s and X31’s awaiting evaluation of what to do with them, in the down-graded portions of Pitcairn Yard.  There were hundreds, maybe thousands of them.  They were easily accessible to us.


There was a major evaluation and decision vis-à-vis:  rebuild or  fix and get back on the road, versus scrapping, and you’d see cars there whitelined or stenciled with a destination for rebuilding.  The X29’s destined for rebuilding went into the X29 D/E/F/G programs, with new bodies and possibly major u/f mods, while the X31A’s (mostly) got rebuilt or fixed but not reclassified.  Some had their roofs ‘tarred” (asphaltum) and repainted FCC (with new PK lettering) all over.


Elden Gatwood



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I have never seen a photo where an X31a had roof cement even past the end date of this group.


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