Re: [EXT] [RealSTMFC] Rapido X31a PRR boxcar - freight car colour?

Bruce Smith


Disclosure #1 - I advised Rapido on this project as a member of the PRRT&HS Modeling Committee team for the X31A. 

Disclosure #2 - I am chair of the PRRT&HS Paint Committee, so I have access to the full resources of the committee, which aren't yet publicly available, but which we're trying to do.

I photographed a Rapido X31A double door car with the new PRRT&HS color drift cards for 1930s (left) and 1940s (right) Freight Car Color (attached). To my eye, and acknowledging the difficulties in comparing these due to some gloss reflection, the car looks spot on for new 1940s FCC.

My approach to weathing will vary across the cars that I have. I'll use colors across the spectrum, but will generally work to fade lettering, lighten panels, darken seams, and soot up the roofs. 

Weather away!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Picked up my X31s today in the circle keystone scheme and was a bit surprised by the colour.   For 1946, how good is this colour to those of you who have studied it?  I’m trying to figure out direction to go when I weather the cars.


Rob Kirkham

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