Re: Reading White Decals printed on pale blue backing.paper

Ken Adams

Thanks Al.

PRR apparently used a unique system of a location number with a P prefix to identify reweigh stations. Other RR's usually used a location abbreviation.  How often would an older PRR boxcar (an X31a in 1950-54) have been reweighed offline on the SP? I am not sure I want to try and find and buy just a sheet of PRR reweigh locations and dates. I don't plan on staging a large number of PRR cars passing through Port Costa California on east or westbound through on Western Division Cal-P freights. The layout has no freight shipping or receiving siding locations as it focuses on the small roundhouse and the mostly tank car traffic switched at Port Costa. 

I tried my printer scanner and a camera photo and neither produced an image showing the white lettering.  I have a sheet of reweigh stations and dates for the SP thanks to a friend who likes to make decals.  

The problem of unreadable decals printed on the very pale light paper remains and is not just related to this specific X31a boxcar problem. My friend who printed the SP locations sheet used the new Microscale decal paper for the reweigh sheet he printed for me but also provided a black lettered version and the decal printed on plain paper in black. This made it easy to locate the decal reweigh info I wanted. 
Ken Adams
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