Re: Reading White Decals printed on pale blue backing.paper

Nelson Moyer

Lighting angle and intensity make a difference. I can read all but the smallest print by holding the decal vertically at the front edge of my 10 in. dia. shop light shade. That makes the lettering dark enough to read. For the reweigh dates, etc., I adjust the light and use m glasses, a 7X Optivisor, and a 10x jeweler’s loop, adjusting the focal distance and light angle until I can read the fine print. I can read air check dates using that method. The decals that give the most trouble are the ones with ultra-fine lines and serifs, like Speedwitch decals. I just finished 18 cars with a mix of decals – Speedwitch, Black Cat, Micro Scale, etc., and all text was readable by one or the other method.


Nelson Moyer


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I have tried with smartphone camera and this all I get

This new decal paper is a problem....
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