Re: Reading White Decals printed on pale blue backing.paper

Scott H. Haycock

I recently purchased some Reweigh Patches from Smokebox Graphics that includes just such a picture as Dave describes.

Scott Haycock
Modeling Tarheel country in the Land of Enchantm

On 10/27/2021 4:18 PM Dave Parker via <spottab@...> wrote:
This doesn't really help Ken with his current problem, but I will make this comment:

I have been making my own (and a few for friends) decals with a Ghost white laser cartridge for several years.  In conjunction with Tango Papa decal paper, they are a real SOB to read, although fiddling with light angle does allow me to trim them accurately.  As a courtesy to myself and to others, I always print out a black-on-white "proof" sheet using inexpensive, lightweight photo paper; these are very legible.  Then, when choosing among several reweigh and repack stencils, it is easy to zero on the desired target based simply on its position on the sheet.

Given the minimal cost involved, I am surprised that this not the industry standard in our hobby.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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