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Eric Hansmann

Thanks for your comments, Dave.


The airbrush is not used in additional weathering steps. Some cars might receive a wash before I apply Pan Pastels and the pencil highlights.


I do not seal the cars when the weathering is complete. The Pan Pastels stay in place. I find the flat coat offers more tooth on the model surface for the Pan Pastels to stick.


Over the years, I’ve packed several weathered models to transport and display at RPM events. I haven’t noticed any degradation of the Pan Pastel applications. When I had an operating layout, the models were used in regular operating sessions.



Eric Hansmann

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Hi Eric

              Super weathering ! After air brushing the tint/flat coat,aside from the panpastles, and colored pencil work did you apply any more air brush weathering? Also did you seal the cars again with dull coat? Again very nice work.


Good day


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I tint my post-decal flat coat with the car color to reduce the lettering whiteness. I add a couple drop of the car color in the paint cup with Model Master clear flat acryl. Stir well and you can see the hazy flat turn into the hazy car color. This is now my first weathering step. Here are a few hoppers that have had the lettering faded.


In many cases, the tinted flat coat is a more subtle change. There are before and after photos in this blog post.


Sadly, in April 2020 parent company Testors announced the Model Master paint line will be discontinued. If there are specific MM colors or products you like to use, stock up while you can.


I have a bottle of Vallejo Matt Varnish on hand to try soon. Others have used Krylon products for the flat coat, but I think those are only available in rattle cans.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN




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I thought your weathering of the X31 in coal tar chip service was right on.  Somewhere, I found a photo of adingle door car tht had weathered right down to bare rusted metal, with that bluish purple tone on much of the surface.  I started an undecorated Bowser model and painted one side in PollyScale, no lettering.  Wasn't sure how I would do the lettering later - maybe heavily sanded decals.  Anyway, thanks for the cameo on how these cars were used. thanks for

Todd Sullivan

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