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Scott H. Haycock

Thanks, Dennis,

I figured the last few orders 1928-1930 would be the longest lasting of these cars. But I like the 1926 cars too. It will come down to which kit I can find, when the time comes.

Scott Haycock
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On 11/05/2021 4:09 PM Dennis Storzek <dennis@...> wrote:

You're just a little bit too late. The 1920-'23 built cars, represented by my kit and the Speedwitch re-issue, were were still 23% of the Soo Line total boxcar fleet in October of 1954, but that had shrunk to just six cars in January, 1959. The Soo was building new steel boxcars in their own shops throughout the fifties and sixties, in addition they leased 500 reconditioned steel boxcars from United States Railway Equipment Co.  about 1956, which allowed a mass retirement of wood sheathed cars.

You'd be better off with the Sunshine kit, 78.2, IIRC, for the cars built in 1928-'29, which were still 12% of the fleet in 1959, and 11% in 1962. The 1926 cars with Murphy ends and wood doors, Sunshine 78.1, were still 5% of the fleet in 1962.

Dennis Storzek

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