Re: Red Caboose 103-W 10,000 gal..tank car

Bruce Smith


A quick search of the group archives provides a plethora of information regarding the profusion of foobies associated with Red Cabin Car's (That's Red Caboose to you non-PRR modelers) release of this kit. The kit is accurate for two road names, or rather three, since the Army Quartermaster Corps cars became DODX, and UTLX. 

In addition, a number of modelers have "upgraded" this car. Search "Red Caboose tank car" and enjoy.

A repaint of the kit (if it is actually in your era) to UTLX might be in order. Good decals are available and the scheme is simple (black).

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Folks, I know next to nothing about tank cars. I have  RC kit # 3010-6, Sunoco. Reporting marks are SUNX 6467. Is this an accurate scheme for this model?


Scott Haycock

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