Re: RC Double Staggered Door 40' Box Car Redux

Brian Carlson

You should get the speedwitch doors for the Soo car too when in stock. 

Brian J. Carlson 

On Nov 6, 2021, at 5:11 PM, Ken Adams <smadanek44g@...> wrote:

Thanks for the quick input from all of you. 

The SOO line prototype looks like the better choice give the Cal-P traffic patterns. The SOO line car would feasibly be found in auto parts service to and returning empty from the Bay Area GM auto assembly plant. I try to fit every addition to my freight car collection to a real economic reason for it passing through my little Port Costa layout on the SP Western Division mainline. 

The choice of SOO as the prototype changes the project to a simple assembly, paint and decal job. Are there underframe drawings easily accessible that might determine the extent of under side detailing. I have the full Mainline Modeler collection and have used the Trainlife RMJ collection before. 

I would still like to add a UP A-50-16 to my 40' DD collection. I will keep a lookout for the Marklin cars at affordable prices.  I am woefully short of UP cars for the Cal-P in the 1950-54 period I model. Unrealistically I focus on 40 foot cars as my available layout space restricts my entire mainline length to 14 feet. Trains will be assembled but only photographed. There is no room for operation.

I am still leery of ordering Tichy decals due to the print thickness problem. If anyone can report that this has been resolved, I would gladly order more Tichy decals as there are many in the Tichy catalog I could use. I am now happy with NSC and Microscale decals these days now I have found the new LED light table to enable me to see the decal against the very light blue backing and determine which smaller decals are to be cut out. 
Ken Adams
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