Re: RC Double Staggered Door 40' Box Car Redux

Tim O'Connor

Ken -- AAR car loading rules for XM box cars meant they could go almost anywhere
with almost any kind of cargo, as long as the shipper was perfectly happy to load the
car. So I have no doubt the SAL box cars made it to the west coast with loads from the
midwest or eastern or southern US.  Furniture, cotton, textiles, cigarettes, lumber, paper,
and just about anything else.

What's more is that the SAL had several groups of 40 foot double door cars, so this was
a relatively common type of car from the SAL.

Uncommon cars - not seen every day - are a common sight on railroads, especially in
the era while ICC tariff regulations were in force. Every good layout needs a few outliers
that show up occasionally. 😁

FYI under CURRENT rules an unassigned box car owned by any railroad can literally be
loaded for any destination from any origin - A truly free floating fleet of freight cars

Tim O'Connor

On 11/9/2021 12:50 PM, Ken Adams wrote:
I'm still mulling over my choices. It seems the RC model would only be close to the SAL 40' DD prototype. I would go with the SAL car and livery but I am unsure of any 1950-54 economic shipping activity that would lead to frequent sighting of the prototype an SAL on the Cal-P mainline of the SP Western Division. If anyone has any information to confirm there was a case for these cars coming frequently to Northern California, please let me know. I am trying to closely match my freight car active inventory to match what would actually be seen on the trackage I am trying to model. Unfortunately the 6 inch car body height is noticeable otherwise I would go with the UP prototype. I keep looking for the Marklin UP single and double door box cars on Ebay and other online markets, Unfortunately it has now been almost 2 years since we had local swap meets and NMRA Coast Division auctions.

This kit was a $5 quick decision on my local hobby shop consignment shelf. Post acquisition justification for a kit is not always the best recommended practice. Possibly the original owner had a similar quandary.

Also a currently available decal recommendation for a SAL 40' DD car would be appreciated.  The NSC/Speedwitch set for the specific car is currently out of production and as the matching model is not being made by IM, not likely to be revived.
Ken Adams
*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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