Re: Refrigerator Car Return Instruction 1955

Ken Adams

Unfamiliar with the definition of "record rights" in the Southern refrigerator empty routing. Does this refer to the previous load carrier routing?

For PFE, which town/location named Meridian would the Southern instructions refer to. Meridian, GA or Meridian, Miss..  

It is long after 1955 and the time frame of Steam Era list but, but when I worked on PFE missing interchange reports (1970-73), I recall there were per diem charges for refrigerator cars, possibly just mechanicals by this time. Interchange reporting was more important by then because of the per diem charges due the car owner. It was semi-automated with carriers exchanging physical tapes on a monthly basis.  SP IT had a program to identify missing interchange reports from the tapes and I received a printout to calculate the charges and follow up by letter with each of the carriers involved. 
Ken Adams
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