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You are correct that this kit was marketed through Prototype modeler in the early 1980s.  There was a PFE kit offered about the same time.Plans for this car appeared in the Train Shed Cyclopedie series for 1927 (I think) freight cars. This issue seems to have escaped me this morning.  I partially built this kit and then moved on to other things.  I really would like to finish it as it is a unique (Never produced by anyone else) and attractive car.  I have a photo of  an O scale model done by a very famous modeler 

I still have several wood cars on my roster as illustrated below.  They pretty well hold their own today.  In the Bx 3 photo the wood car is on the left (but I’m sure you knew that ).

Bill Pardie

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I went to the train shop recently and bought some kits, this is one of those kits. I believe Prototype Modeler was involved with this wood kit, but I looked through the TrainLife archives and can't find any information on this kit, other PM kits, or the Rock Island reefer. Any information on when this was made would be great.

Also photos of the Rock Island prototype would be useful (especially from the late 1930s). This may be accurate but I'm not sure.

Thanks, Ray <prototype_modeler_kit.jpg>

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