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Builder photos.




Brian Ehni



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The cars in question were built by GAC in 1924 as RI 67750-67999.  They were quite similar to a contemporary PFE car (I think R-30-13) but with ladders instead of grabs on the ends and sides.



The cars were later sold back to GAC and then leased back about 1933 after refurbishing with the same numbers but GARE and then GARX reporting marks.  There is a nice Ernst Steffan photo from 1939 in the NMRA collection.  In the early 50’s, the RI bought a few of them back for Ice Service.  Bringing them full circle.


Steve Hile


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I went to the train shop recently and bought some kits, this is one of those kits. I believe Prototype Modeler was involved with this wood kit, but I looked through the TrainLife archives and can't find any information on this kit, other PM kits, or the Rock Island reefer. Any information on when this was made would be great.

Also photos of the Rock Island prototype would be useful (especially from the late 1930s). This may be accurate but I'm not sure.

Thanks, Ray

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