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Sorry to take so long to respond.  I was traveling and didn’t bring my computer.


I apply Pan Pastels over the entire car.  I use paint brushes and not sponges to apply the Pan Pastels, and this allows better control on how much weathering is applied.  I typically paint my cars as they would appear freshly painted and use the weathering to age the paint.  The reds are typically applied over the roof, sides, and ends to fade the paint and lettering.  I use browns along the bottom edges of the cars and the ends to simulate dirt kicked up by the wheels.  Blacks and grays are applied on the roof and down the sides.


I try to find prototype information on what color the underbodies where painted.  Some railroads painted the underbody (and trucks) the same color as the body.  Otherwise I paint the underbody black and use Pan Pastels or other weathering add dirt and grime and make the underbody components stand out.  Since my upper deck is 58-60” high you can definitely see the brake components hanging underneath the cars.  I don’t do anything special with the floor since you can’t see it without turning the car over.  I have a fairly large freight car fleet, so compromises have to be made.



Rich Remiarz


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Very nice cars. I particularly like the SOO car.

Can you describe where you apply the Pan Pastels? I am concerned that when I use it, so of my effort to match the prototype body colour is compromised by use of the weathering powders.

Is there commonly available information on the underbody colour that you use?

Bob Allan


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