Re: CMO 1658 Series Rebuild Questions

Tim O'Connor

Doesn't CN serve another port far to the north of Vancouver?

On 11/19/2021 9:26 AM, Doug Polinder via wrote:
Yes, an interesting year in the Fraser Canyon.  First a new Canadian record high temperature (was that Lillooet?) and now enough rain to cut the transcontinental mainlines.  Rob, I saw an image of a washout that cut three tracks.  Was that CP or CN?

While Walter Frost took the vast majority of his photos in Vancouver and environs, I see that he traveled some to take pictures.  He has some shots of NP six-axle units that did not get within 100 miles/160 km of the border (probably he took those in Seattle or Tacoma).  Are you aware of other locations he might have taken pictures?  Did he get into the interior to shoot PGE?

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