Re: Sheet Piling - Gondola Loads

Dennis Storzek <dennis@...>

On Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 11:43 AM, Andy Laurent wrote:
Does anyone have images of sheet piling loads in gondolas?
Since the vast majority of intenet images are modern era, and most sheet piling comes from China and India these days, the only images I'm finding are in ISO containers:

I'm sure loading in a gon was similar. Note the open face can be either up or down, but I suspect down was more common before the days of giant fork lifts. The traditional method of handling with a crane used a hook on each end connected to a ring on the crane hook. and open side down means the hook can be placed on ALL the lengths, including the bottom most, and more importantly, the center of gravity will be below the hook.

Dennis Storzek

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