Re: GM&O 35200 Series Automobile Car

Scott H. Haycock

Hi George,

This is an incredible model! I don't know whether to be intimidated, awestruck, or both. Inspired, at the very least.

I'd like to know about the corner braces, and especially the crossbearers. Were they included in the kit or did you make them? I'm working on a variety of the PS-1 underframe and need some similar items for my project.

Again, an amazing build!

Scott Haycock
Modeling Tarheel country in the Land of Enchantm

George Toman wrote:

I finally got around to completing the build of a GM&O 35200 series Auto Car. The starting point was a HO Scale Speedwitch Kit that included a Branchline Body and resin ends, doors, parts and decals.....

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