Shake n Take 2022

Steve and Barb Hile

Please excuse the cross posts.


We are pleased to announce the 2022 Shake n Take project to honor the legacy of Greg Martin


The next project will be…   (drum roll please)


Seaboard Air Line AF-1 Auto-Furniture boxcar



While outwardly similar to the PRR X31b and c, there were some significant differences which we hope to address in this project.


Based on the Bowser HO car, we will have new ends, underframe, ladders, running boards, and details plus custom decals.


Due to costs incurred, we will be asking for a $15 donation (cash or check made to Steve Hile) brought to the Horizon Room at the hotel on Saturday, January 8 at 4:00 PM.


To sign up to participate, please send an email to me, shile@... to get on the master list.  We have 50 kits and will hold 10 – 15 for in person sign up at the registration desk depending upon responses to this mailing.


We are looking forward to continuing the SnT tradition that has been established under Greg’s tutelage.   And we look forward to Prototype Rails 2022.


Best Regards,



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