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Jeffrey White

Sorry, they weren't compressed before  hit send.  Try these:

Jeff Whte

Alma IL

On 11/27/2021 3:39 PM, Nelson Moyer wrote:

The car diagrams are compressed horizontally. Please send them uncompressed.


Nelson Moyer


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Here are the diagram sheets for all of the IC 50 foot SS double door cars including door and a half cars from the 1954 diagram book.


And some photos:

I have used the old Roundhouse car for my IC 50ft Single Sheathed cars.  I hope this information helps.

Jeff White

Alma IL

On 11/26/2021 9:00 PM, Owen Thorne wrote:

Hello group,
Beyond a brief mention within this 12 y.o. discussion of using the HO Walthers 50' single sheathed automobile boxcar kit to represent an IC prototype series, I have found little further info searching our archive, or in other discussion groups. I may have missed something.

  1. How could one bash an IC double-door boxcar using the Walthers kit?
  2. Has anyone a source for a photo or photos of a prototype car?
  3. How about an IC company diagram?

Thank you,
Owen Thorne

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