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Big thank you to all replied with IC auto car info and ideas.

Huge thanks to Jeff White who's photos and hard-fought diagram shares give me much of what I need to plan some kitbashes.
Couple of thoughts:
  1. MDC/Roundhouse models have radial (Murphy?) roofs but as the IC diagrams show Hutchins Dry Lading peaked roofs, the Walthers seems a better starting point.
  2. Walthers' 3-3-3 "outie" early Dreadnought ends seem like a match for 40250-40499 and for 40200-40249 with a Dreadnought end-door.
  3. Sides are correct Howe-truss but the panel to left of doors requires some thinkin' (or lookin' the other way) as original 10' opening was widened by IC to 12' maybe when new steel doors were installed? (see note alluding to A5574 door widening on diagram) There are always compromises in modeling HO freight cars, especially bashes or upgrades of old tooling.
  4. Either MDC or Walthers would require prototype modelers to remove molded-on details, install Ajax power AB brake systems, safety appliances and most likely repaint and restencil. Crafting side sill extensions, gussets, end sills and detail upgrades are all pro forma. As Walthers has correct end rib and roof configurations, that wins it for me. 
  5. The earlier 40000-40089, 40100-40149 have 5-5-7 (top to bottom) Murphy "outie" ends. 40150-40199 have 5-5-7 B-end and Murphy A-end-doors. All these ends would need to be cut out and new ones scrounged using either model. The challenges with the side panel left of door also remain as some had 12' openings, others 10' (4'+6',) wood doors upgraded during WWII with steel sheets over lower fifth of each door and these need to be scratched or scrounged.1
  6. Still others had the left door removed or nailed shut. Some were renumbered 34990-34999 and assigned to hide loading and Jeff's IC diagram show Universal brake and a "stemwinder" with horizontal hand wheel. This was likely pre-war as power brakes and steel door panels were not applied. Maybe more were converted postwar - see Jeff's shot of 34861 which does not show in my 1955 ORER and does have the steel door sheets and power brake applied. Waste not, want not.
If anyone knows of additional info, photos, or drawings of these classes, please share. I just ordered new decal sets from Tichy as my old Walthers and Champ IC sets may not make it even with a coating. Over 400 of these interesting cars were still around in 1955, listed as XM, auto loader duties having been ceded to newer, taller steel cars. While a minority in an IC fleet of nearly 20,000 boxcars, there is no reason they wouldn't travel widely so I plan to build a couple and if it works out I will share. I am old enough to remember when these MDC and Walthers 50' autocar kits were new releases!

Thank you, all,

Owen Thorne  - owen at udel dot edu

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