Re: Kadee CGW box car oops?

Tim O'Connor


That's the darkest maroon I've seen yet. That photo is two years after the car was painted in
1959. Here's another car, CGW 5119, next to more conventionally painted cars (which I would
characterize as 'maroon-ish'). This photo is dated 1965, 6 years after the car was painted.

Kadee has made many mistakes - to be expected, when you do hundreds of cars. Even Tangent has
been known to release mistaken paint colors.

Tim O'Connor

On 11/28/2021 11:23 PM, Clark Propst via wrote:
The original CGW car was maroon. Many of their special service cars were maroon. I say many because the LCL and hide cars were black. Now the shade of maroon is up for almost constant debate ;  )) Kadee has trouble with colored cars. I'll leave it at that. Years back Mike Porter commissioned Intermountain to do three maroon CGW PS 1s including this one of a kind. IM got the color right. After much prodding by Mike.
Clark Propst
*Tim O'Connor*
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