Re: Photos of NC&StL 70100-70199 and SP&S 32005-32054 41' Flatcar Ends

Paul Doggett


Its a good looking build.

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On 29 Nov 2021, at 22:15, Ken Adams <smadanek44g@...> wrote:

After a lot of frustration with the decal situation for this car, I finally broke down and ordered the Champ set through eBay if only because it has most of the dimensional lettering I really need.  Apparently there was no SP&S reporting marks and number set on the decal.  Also it I understand the Champ set lacks reweigh dates. I have used a K4 SP&S boxcar set for now but this results in an oversize "SP&S". The car number was however the correct size.  The boxcar set lacks number to make up accurate Load Limit and Light Weight numbers and reweigh/repack dates and locations. I tried using lettering pieced together from my fairly extensive SP collection that includes T&NO and a few other older lines with an ampersand in the RR abbreviation but nothing matched the size needed for the flat car sill.  I would love a recommendation for a smaller SP&S RR reporting abbreviation.
<SPS 32018 Decal Problems.jpg>

Note I have modified the car for an AB airbrake upgrade to fit my modeling period.  I am only a semi-prototype modeler as I do not try to replicate all of the piping. I have a narrow Owl Mountain lumber load on hand to add some additional weight to the car. 
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