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Can anyone recommend a "Silent" compressor that has a high output.  I live in a condominium and if I use a standard compressor my neighbors are at my door with torches and pitchforks.

Bill Pardie

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I definitely had to upgrade my compressor when I bought a North Coast Engineering grit blaster. Both capacity and flow are important variables. 

I too typically grit blast at around 60 PSI, both with baking soda (currently) and AlO2, whether plastic, resin, or brass.

Note that grit can also lose it's ability to "cut" with age so it does need to be replaced occasionally. I just had to do that with my baking soda a couple of months ago.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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I've found I needed 60+ psi and alu oxide grit to get good results on brass, using a Paasche Air Eraser. Soda or lower pressure didn't have enough oomph. 

Paul, which blaster are you using, and which grit ? 


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