Bill Keene

I will repeat that during the 1950s — early 1960s the oil distributors in the Oklahoma town the family lived in were without fences. 

But there is always an exception…  The attached photos—kindly provided by John B. Moore—are valuation photos taken in either 1921 or 1922 that show the connection between the Santa Fe and the Katy … and also the Standard Oil Company distributor in Burlington, Kansas. This distributor had a fence around the two 15,000 gallon tanks. Also the 1924 Sanborn Map of the city indicates a fence around the property that incorporated a portion of the fence around the tanks. 

View looking to the SE along the interchange track between the Santa Fe and the Katy. The Standard Oil warehouse is the first of at least three that were on the distributor site.  In the distance above tank #2—the one on the left—there appears to be a train. The locomotive could be one of the last remaining 4-4-0s on the system. 

View looking to the NW. The Santa Fe’s water tank is on the left. The ATSF/MKT connection also served as the tank car unloading spot. Note the permanent stop sign between the tracks that protected the ATSF/MKT crossing. Both railroads had a fixed permanent stop protecting this crossing. The fence appears … at least to me … to be a “hog fence” type with the fence posts possibly being repurposed drill pipe. 

I am still trying to locate photos of this facility around the 1950s, but do know that it was reconfigured with new and more tanks and a pre-engineered steel warehouse. An aerial photo of the revised site dating from 1966 does not show any fencing. 

Cheers & Happy Modeling,
Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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