John Holmes

In the 1950’s, we did business with the Mobil Oil distributor on East  Fruit Street in Santa Ana California.  My recollection is that it was fenced.   

John Holmes

On Dec 3, 2021, at 5:18 PM, Tom Madden via <pullmanboss@...> wrote:

Fencing may be optional, but depending on era you should include containment. My dad became a Gulf Oil distributor in 1950 and built a (truck served) four tank bulk oil facility. It was built facing east into a hillside that sloped southwest to northeast. Attached is a photo I took in 1960 (late afternoon) standing uphill to the southwest. The hill provided containment on the south and west, and a berm was built on the north and east. I'm sure there's no liner. 

It's still there, in service, unfenced, although there's been no family connection since my dad died in 1971.

Tom Madden

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