Re: Frank Peacock

Tony Thompson

What sad news. I always looked forward to seeing Frank at the many meetings he and I attended, and we almost always would have lunch or dinner together at some point during the event. (One of the great ones was during the joint SP-UP historical societies convention in Ogden in 2019, where Frank was ecstatic about seeing the restored “Big Boy” on display.) He had a truly great wealth of knowledge, which he loved to share. And I loved his many stories about his time doing dentistry in “the kingdom,” as he always termed Saudi Arabia. Plus he had extensive knowledge about the petroleum industry, and often could provide a wonderful “nugget” in conversation. Best of all, he was a genial soul, always interesting and enjoyable to chat with. I knew him for over 30 years, beginning when he contributed photos for the PFE book back in 1990, and he was unfailingly generous with information, literature leads, and photos. I will very much miss his smiling face at Cocoa Beach and elsewhere.

Tony Thompson

On Dec 4, 2021, at 9:42 AM, WILLIAM PARDIE <PARDIEW001@...> wrote:

What a shock.  I think that Frank attended every railroad event.  We enjoyed numerous dinners and breakfasts. He always brought a lot to the table.

Our ranks are diminishing. 

Bill Pardie

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