Jim Hayes Estate Sale

Rich C

Dear Group,

I am going to be handling the front end of Jim Hayes’ model railroad end of his estate.

Items for sale include a fairly large amount of assembled, unassembled, partially assembled, custom built and many ready to run items. The majority of items are freight cars. There are also a few passenger cars and a couple of steam locomotives. I have tried to sort everything out as best I could.

All items are sold as is. I make no guarantees of the condition and completeness of the said items.

All transactions are PayPal only. Shipping charges will be from 97225.

If interested, Please contact me off list for Excel File.

If interested in purchasing any of the items, I will need your full name, email, address for shipping charges.

Invoices will be processed through Square from the person handling the estate transaction. They will calculate the shipping.

I do not have possession of any of the items. These items will be shipped through Jim’s family members.

Contact me off list with your interests. Please use the ID# for reference (located in the left most column). I have photos of all the items available. Please let me know your interests and I will provide photos, if requested.

Thank You for looking,

Rich Christie


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