Doug Polinder

However, unless the fencing is actually buried in the ground it will not prevent hogs from digging out.  The only way to do that is to mount an electric wire about 5" above the ground inside the fence posts.  The piggies do not like to get zapped on the snout.  You can also bury corrugated steel panels 12" deep all the way around the enclosure, as they seem not to be interested in going deeper than that.  But the electric fence is easier and cheaper. 

Woven wire fences from Tractor Supply have the same pattern and also work well for smaller animals like Nigerian dwarf goats, although the kids have no problem going through until they are a couple months old.  Goats are expert fence flaw finders but a 4' woven wire fence will keep them in.  My daughter decided she wanted goats so guess who built all the fencing?

Doug Polinder
Seguin TX

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