Re: High Definition 3D Color Printer - Mimaki Color Printer

Kenneth Montero


Accurail and Bowser kits fill the niche vacated by Athearn and Roundhouse (Model Die Casting). Tichy has a few of their more detailed kits as pre-painted kits.  Adjusted for inflation and for improved quality, their prices are not out of line with what Athearn and MDC would now be charging for comparable kits.

Alas, there are no comparable passenger car kits.

Ken Montero

On 12/12/2021 10:05 PM lrkdbn via <lrkdbn@...> wrote:

I definitely count myself  a model builder-I deplore the trend toward RTR , but some of these newer technologies such as 3D printing and resin casting do make up for a lot of the loss of the old line model kit manufacturers. But where is the entry level niche that used to be filled by Athearn and MDC? How much new blood is coming into the hobby either as railroad modelers or as model railroaders? A lot of good modeling was done with those basic and inexpensive kits and semi kits and it WAS affordable, which current RTR is often not.
Larry King

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