Re: Concrete Wet Batch Plants in the 1950s

Douglas Harding

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Industrial Model Works, had a Blaw-Knox Cement Plant kit #L-609. This kit has to be from 40 years ago. The list price at the time was $2.95

This looks to be a small, layout sized, plant.

Pete Reinhold

On 12/14/2021 10:29 PM, Allen Cain wrote:

I have been searching with no success for a quality HO model of a concrete wet batch plant as a destination for my covered hoppers coming from my Cement Plant and gravel and sand in gondolas and hoppers coming from the quarry.

Can anyone direct me to kit (I have looked at the Faller and Pike kits) and also would like to find some photos of these plants as a scratch build is not out of the question.  I also looked at the Walthers Ready Mix kit but it is too modern.

These cars need somewhere to go!
Allen Cain
Modeling the Southern in 1955 in HO Scale

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