Re: Quality Craft kit question

Bruce Smith


I've been following this thread, mostly because I'm puzzled by the original QC instructions. There is no need at all for two trainlines, even with the car having two reservoirs, AB valves, and cylinders. 

It seems that the only way to resolve this issue, however, is to find a photograph of a C&O car in the series with no trainline on the photographed side (proving that a single trainline was used) or a drawing that shows the brake arrangement.

The PRR F33, a very similar car, clearly had a single trainline down one side of the car. Interestingly, and often not modeled, is that the other side of the car has the necessary holes in the side sill for a trainline, but one is not present. The obvious assumption is that the parts were made without concern for which side of the car would have the trainline. I made sure to model this detail on my F&C F33 😉

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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