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Nelson Moyer

Of course the running boards and hatch platforms are galvanized steel. According to Santa Fe Railway Rolling Stock Reference Series Vol. 2 Refrigerator Cars, Ice Bunker Cars 1884-1979, beginning in 1944 steel running boards and hatch platforms were installed on all new equipment in compliance with the ban on wood running boards for new construction. The book further states that running boards and hatch platforms were painted with black non-slip paint when the cars were first repainted and on subsequent repaints. I fail to see the relevancy of your response.


Nelson Moyer


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Would l be right in assuming bare metal running boards were actually galvanised? Galvanized metal is difficult to paint when new, unless you give the galvanising some kind of acid wash or use a very aggressive etch primer which would damage the protective galvanising. Brand new galvanized metal is silver, as it gets older it dulls down to a mid blue grey, about the colour of grey on a UP diesel, perhaps a tad lighter..

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