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Cattle have a poor depth perception vision. So the painted lines appear the same as bars across a pit. More than you wanted to know, with photos, at


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Spent 30 years of my career in West Texas…can’t recall ever seeing a painted cattle guard.  The metal ones were a uniform dark rust color and the ones with wooden side “wings” were weathered to a light gray color with splotches of black creosote.  Used RR ties were a popular feature for the posts.




Wallace Steinbrecher 

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While growing up in Texas I encountered numerous cattle guards which I never really paid attention to.  Recently while picking up a Kadee order I added one of their cattle guards feeling that it would be a nice detail item.  This morning while painting the floors of several projects I decided to apply some wood color to the cattle guard.


I am thinking that the wood wings of the cattle guard are anywhere from bare/weathered wood to whitewash.  The grate bring unfinished or black metal.  I find it better to ask up front before being exposed as laughtin stock.


Any former cowboys out there who can verify this?




Bill Pardie




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