Re: Rapido F30 flatcar decks

Craig Wilson

Jim Hunter wrote:
Yes, I got mine, and I emailed you asking why the deck is green!

Well . . . on mine, the decks aren't green any more:

They were weathered with acrylic paints - first a dark gray, then "asphaltum" then burnt umber and a little bit of black.  After that the car bodies got normal weathering using Model Master and Scalecoat paints.

Also worth noting:  I worked on a group of six TTX cars for a friend's layout.  After being handled for the acrylic weathering phase, the Rapido couplers on three of the six cars balked at coupling freely with the other cars.  So I replaced all of them with Kadee #158 versions.  They fit nicely into the coupler boxes although it was a bugger reattaching those tiny screws.  I also broke off one of the air hose castings on the Rapido TTX car.  I replaced it with a Tangent Scale Models part (TSM-231 Rubber Air Hoses).  The Tangent parts are a little finer and being flexible, will be less prone to breaking off again.  So I went back and added them to all the Rapido F30's.

Craig Wilson

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