Re: 1950s Freight Car Color Guide book

Jim Betz

  What you say is true - and not ... for me, and for reasons I don't fully understand, I 
get different things (learn more/see more/see differently?) from looking at books in
my lap than I do 
from viewing images online.  Perhaps it is the amount of time I
spend on the individual images - I don't know why (and don't really need to know) ...
so, for me, the printed images are still very valuable.
  In addition, being able to have the images near by while I'm doing the detailing,
paint, and weathering is a bonus.  (My computer isn't near where I work on stuff.)
  Even though I have a fairly extensive "library", I'll still be buying additional books
that I see as 'useful'.
  BTW - I especially value images of yards where you can see a few cars in 
the foreground and the rest of the yard is there behind them as opposed to an
image of a single car.  I still use those single car images - often - but my modeling
focus is all about "getting the overall look and feel right" ... which I accomplish
thru a build up of the sense of the overall thru the details of the individual models
and other scenery/structure/backdrop items.
  And, of course, I'm more interested in the details as a "backdrop to the Operations"
than whether or not there are 5 or 6 rivets between point A and point B.
                                                                                                  - Jim in the PNW

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