Re: HO code 88 wheels

Andy Miller


My club has about 500 cars equipped with Accurail or Bowser rigid truck frames fitted with I/M .0888 wheels.  It became our de facto standard several years ago. We have had no problems with them over those several years.




Andy Miller

Northshore Model RR Club


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With my prior stock of Rapido HO code 88 wheelsets exhausted, and no sign of those sets being restocked, or of my favorite Reboxx ever being made again, what are y'all using for replacement wheel sets with 1.020 or thereabouts axle lengths?


Intermountain and Tangent are 1.004" axles so too short for most trucks, except Tangent and IM and ExactRail are even shorter at 1.002".




Bruce Smith

Auburn, Al



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