Fort Dodge Des Moines and Southern


Looking over the few photos I've found of FDDM&S box cars from the transition era, has left me a few questions as to the paint scheme. Looks like underframe including trucks were black. Ends are the same color as the sides. But the roof? I'm guessing the same color as the sides, but could also be black as dirty as I've seen it.

Could be different between wood side and steel box cars. Not really enough photos to be certain.

Friend of mine who's got a lot of interest in the FDDM&S is uncertain, but thinks roof and ends were painted same color as sides, with black underframe (perhaps some form of tar or asphalt to protect against rust) and trucks.

If anyone knows better, I'd appreciate the correction!

I've searched the messages here, but while it's turned up a photo showing a very dirty black-ish roof, but if this has been covered before, I apologize for the redundant question.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at Cocoa Beach!

- Arved

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