Re: Reading MRBX Insulated Boxcars

Tim O'Connor


WHY did MDT build RB insulated box cars with ice hatches ?? I can't think of any other example of that.

On 1/1/2022 5:04 PM, ROGER HINMAN via wrote:
These cars were built in 1948 by DSI as part of the MDT std steel car of the time except they had sliding doors and were built as RB; Cars were lettered into the ERDX 9900 series around 1951 and into the MRBX 100 series around 1954 and into the NRBX 100 series in 1965 and scrapped beginning in 1968. The recently available NYCHS Archives photos show that at least four different sliding door types were used on these cars. Do not know if they standardized on one door type by the time they were leased to the Reading. That’s where photos car help .

Roger Hinman

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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