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To add:  PRR had a convoluted history with tie-downs and stake pockets, with use of collapsible interior stake pockets (ex:  class GS and G26) popular until the late forties, when many were deleted during rebuilds (like the GSh rebuilt from GS).  After that period, they went through a long period of experimentation, with tie-downs being applied to tops of top chord, side of top chord, and upper side sheet below top chord, and even a combo of last two.  One subclass had them on side of top chord and the endmost on a side stake.


There is lots of correspondence between PRR and folks torching holes with PRR charging them big bucks for repairs.


PRR had lots of folks that tarped gon loads, so this was enough importance that they stencilled many of them with warnings about torching, plus notes as to tie-down locations.


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In the steam era (up to 1957-8) which this group confines itself to, it may have been North American practice to build gondolas with tarp tie downs inside. Coal and other mineral loads were left open. Other items needing tarp coverage could be put on a flat car. 

If you are interested I will share an NMRA clinic pdf "Freight Car_Modeling: East and Midwest Gondolas" by Charlie Trapper from 2012.  PM me offline.  There is a picture in it of a MTH 52'6" gondola with the tie downs molded on the inside walls. There appears to be no other mention of tarping gondola loads. 
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