Re: Barber Asphalt tank car

Jack Mullen

On Sun, Jan 2, 2022 at 03:44 PM, Steve and Barb Hile wrote:

Using Google conversions, 88000 pounds of asphalt would be about 607 cubic feet which converts to about 4540 gallons.  So, a fairly small tank car.

Whoa there! It looks like Google is using a density for asphalt pavement, which would be around 145 lb/cf. What you want is the density of liquid asphalt, which isn't much greater than that of water.  A specific gravity of 1.04 would be about 65 lb/cf or 8.7 lb/gal.  88,000 lbs is a good match to a fully loaded 10,000 gal tank.

Jack Mullen



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