Re: Accurail DDR 40’ Boxcar Prototype.

Tim O'Connor


I have tried to illustrate in this picture of a Branchline roof. When SRE revised the design the narrow end of the
stamping was extended as far as the wider end of the stamping. Compare with the Moloco roof

ALSO note that I forgot to mention ATHEARN (Genesis) also made an excellent late SRE ZU eave roof for their
North American box car model, and it is a separate part. They also made the ONLY PS bowtie ZU eave roof made
by anyone in HO as far as I know. I sure wish ATHEARN sold their roofs separately!

Tim O'Connor

On 1/5/2022 1:26 PM, Richard Remiarz wrote:



On January 3, Tim O’Connor posted that the Moloco roof is based on the late 1950’s version, while the 3500 series cars had the earlier version.  I don’t know enough about the two versions to be able to state exactly what the differences are.



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