Re: Grabs - Re: Composite Gondolas

Tim O'Connor

The most obvious defects are when the hand grabs are not parallel to the side,
or are tilted to the left or right. I use a template for the latter problem, and I slide
a piece of rectangular Evergreen styrene under while inserting the grabs, which
keeps them all flat and in the same plane. Once they are set in place, then
pull out the styrene.

Tim O'Connor

On 1/6/2022 6:35 PM, Jim Betz wrote:
  I'm NOT picking at details the way others do them - mine are no better.  I'm looking
for a way to improve.

  When I look at pics of models such as Chuck Cover's excellent Monon gondola - one
thing that always stands out to me is that the wire grabs look good ... but not like the
real thing.

  Almost all lines of grabs are 'irregular' compared to what you see on most actual
cars ... they aren't all the same depth on both ends and from grab to grab, they 
aren't all parallel to each other and often not to the ground either, the bends don't
look like prototypical grabs (they were done by hand or using jigs that don't end up
with 'identical' grabs, etc., etc., etc.

  Yes, I know that the grabs out of a pack of grabs aren't identical.  Yes, I know 
that drilling the holes is part of the problem (rather than having the grabs that are
attached to the real cars using bolts.  Yes, I know that the paint doesn't adhere to
them and 'lay down' the way it does on the prototype.  I'm looking for 'solutions'
(and not criticizing others - mine look the same).

  So has anyone figured out how to get their grabs 'perfect' ('right')?  Would you
please share your techniques, products, etc.
                                                                                                   - Jim in the PNW

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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