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Are you going to sit or stand while air brushing? My first booth was used with me standing up and my current one requires that I set down. If you had my druthers, I would have my current one with me standing up too. (The only option with my current booth is having it under my layout.)


The spray booth should be so that the middle of the booth (vertically) is about even with your hand when your arm at about a 45 degree up angle. That puts your eyes just above the level of the air brush so you can see what you are doing.


Just my opinion...


Jack Burgess


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Bench Height for Spray Booth



My priority list has now reached the situation where this modeller needs to start setting up his spray booth and the main concern is what height should the bench be?

The spray booth is a Fengda Model No.BD-510 240V/50HZ/20W but notation on the booth includes Delta N28496.


Also included in the set-up will be a lazy susan.

Any help would be appreciated.


Glen Mills who last spray painted in 1972 using a tyre tube!

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