Re: Grabs - Re: Composite Gondolas

Lester Breuer

Jim to bend grab irons that are similar I use a caliper for measurement, drill if necessary, grab iron jig cut from .040” sheet styrene to bend straight grab iron, clearance gauge .025” (grey building material), needle nose pliers  (not shown), to bend a straight grab, wire cutter (not shown) and duck bill with frog tape to see we’ll and for bending drop grab. Steps as follows:

-measure grab iron size with caliper and transfer to white styrene styrene jig measuring from right side, mark left side
-drill #80 or #79 hole in jig on  the left side mark
- bend a right angle leg on wire size using and insert into drilled hole letting wire go the right
-on right edge of jig use needle nose to grab wire, lift off jig and bend other leg
- You have bent a straight grab iron
- insert straight bent grab iron into duck bill pliers up to green tape and close pliers
-bend wire ends down
- you now have bent drop grab

You can use the clearance guage or a strip of styrene  to check distance away from car body side which on prototype is 2 1/2 inches per safety appliances

Both of these methods will produce almost ( perfection ?) the same size grab iron

I have photos to illustrate the bending of the straight, roof grab iron, etc on my blog which under labels is “bending grab irons.”

Hope this provides some ideas for getting grab irons you are happy with.

Lester Breuer

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