Iron Modeler competition - Judging

Malcolm H. Houck

. . .  some "judge" using arbitrary guidelines, who probably knows less about that specific prototype than I do . . . 
Indeed so, though not a contest entrant per se (and primarily building for myself) I did enter a completely scratchbuilt NYO&W Double Cab locomotive in a recent NMRA Northeast Region contest. One of the judges' comments was that I'd left a screw thread protruding up above the pilot deck, but the judge did not recognize the threaded stem and nut as the fixture to load the equalizer for the two-wheel pony truck, and despite the fact that the load fixture was shown clearly in the prototype photos and was specifically referenced in the narrative and descriptor accompanying the display.......this judge not knowing at all about the fixtures and fittings of an heritage steam locomotive.
Mal Houck

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