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Steve and Barb Hile

IPass/EZPass have worked on the Bee Line high/express way for all of our trips here.  Plus Florida has something called a Sun pass that works on the road, too.


IPass does not work on the Florida Turnpikes, but they have Pay by Plate and I have always received a bill from them when I return to Illinois.


Steve Hile

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I just checked my Ipass account and I was billed for two tolls: Beachline (0.93) and Dallas (0.80), total $1.73, which is what their Toll Road Calculator says I should owe from Semoran Road to the east end. Cash toll is $2.75 and invoice is $3.69.
You really don't want to have your rental company invoiced as they will hit you with fees.
The Illinois Toll Road site announced this as if it were a recent innovation, and if so it's welcome.


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