Re: Cocoa Beach 2022


      Regarding the dates chosen, and the time being a trench time in the hospitality business, I think Mike B may have posted the reasoning on this list and it agrees with Tim and Tom. The reasons certainly sound familiar in a sense.

      I will agree with the sentiment of coming home to face more winter, however the visit to CCB certainly makes the remainder of it more tolerable.  I recall one year when a well know poster on this list from the Atlanta region (whom I do like) complained that the 60-degree temps at CCB were not much better than back at home. I and Doug Harding stated that the temps were almost a 100-degree difference than back at home for us. (tomatoes - tomahtoes.) 

      Of the ranting about tolls - good heavens. What are the tolls - about the price of a tap beer or two at CCB
I have been to the Naperville Meets yearly since the start and almost the same to CCB. Bought a transponder for the Illinois tolls, and later a SunPass decades ago.
However even having them, I have driven into both meets on roads that have no tolls many times. All it takes is a little planning.
These complaints of toll costs remind me of a joke where a person goes to his doctor and says - Doc, it hurts when I do this. The doctor replies - So stop doing that!         
     I missed it this year, missed seeing the model room and the model cars displayed, missed the presentations, and mostly missed just talking with people.         James Dick - Roseville, MN 

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