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O Fenton Wells

Thanks Nelson and Pierre. Really appreciate the help. 

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I inquired when I was building my YMW DT&I car, and I’ve pasted in a summary of responses.


Black – ends, underframe, roof, corner grab irons, and trucks

Freight car brown – sides

Running board and brake step were unpainted steel.


The DT&I Historical Society recommends a Floquil mix of 1 part Rust and 1 part Boxcar Red.


One modeler used a mix of Scalecoat II Oxide Red and Scalecoat Boxcar Red #3.


I used the Floquil mix. Hope that’s helpful.


Nelson Moyer


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Any suggestions regarding painting a DT&I boxcar say around 1950?  Scale coat is my favorite.  I believe it is browner thna red but not sure.
Thanks for any help.


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