Re: Shell tankcar for my Quincy-model-RR

Tim O'Connor

Some of the SCCX cars were ACF Type 21's, and in fact Proto 2000 sold cars decorated correctly for the Shell tank cars.

I've attached Gene Deimling's Proto:48 kitbash from a Lionel model.

On 1/17/2022 7:47 AM, Fred Jansz wrote:
Hello all,
I'm modeling Quincy, CA in 1949.
Besides lumber being one of the main factors of existence of the QRR, I found 4 oil dealers located in Quincy: Associated, Union, Standard and Shell.
Looking for matching tank cars, I found these two prototype pictures of Shell cars.
SCCX667 was on WP track in 1949, the SCCX673 on GN track.
But I wonder; were these oil cars? Is there a model?
Thanks for your help.
regards, Fred Jansz


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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